So, the contest "The best voice of Dima  Bilan's fans" is over!
 The finalists are:
5 place (131 points) - Karina Bogutskaya - "Gde-to":
4 place (132 points)  - Leonid Pishulin - "Na beregu neba":
3 place (135 points) - Sergey Grekov - "Ty, tolko ty":
2 place (140 points) - Artyom Blgakov - "Kak hotel ya":
And The Winner of the first season of our contest is  Alexandr Grechanik - "Mechtateli" (143 points) - 1 place:

 Congratulations! Alexandr is from the town of  Kaliningrad, he is 17.  
Also Anna and Ksenia  with "Mechtateli" from Nishniy Tagil got nomination "Best Duet": 
Thanks to everyone!
Totals of the contest: - 5 finalists
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