Attention! Contest!
Shoot the best promotional video -
"Vote for Dima Bilan on MUZ TV 2015!"
 Friends, let's shoot a video - creative, original, witty, and - most importantly - calling to vote for Dima on MUZ TV 2015 awards!
 In addition to creative performance, the main selection criterion is: the power feedback! So as after  watching your video one should immediately vote for Dima Bilan!
Upload the video  to your youtube account and send the link to
 Videos are considered only in the form of youtube links! Do not send a video uploaded to file sharing or other resources!
 All videos will be added to the playlist of official youtube  of International Club!

Send the video till
 25 May 2015.

There will be three prize places.
The winners will receive gifts from Dima Bilan!
And - let's all vote for Dima Bilan!
 Poster: Thank Greek FC.
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