Contrary, epitelioma pending the outcome of the competition, the winners of the contest were distributed as follows:
1 place - Andrey Yukov (idea) and Anastasia Semenova (one who embodies the) (CD Veliky Novgorod);
2nd place - Maria Sarhan;
3rd place - Elena Pankina.
Thank you all for the wonderful submissions. 
You, once again, proved that he is a talented artist and talented fans!) 
Very soon will be a new contest, stay tuned!)
Competition work is available here:
The results of the competition from Dima Bilan and Oriflame
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Имя 1941 day ago
I am heading up a similar campaign against private equity owned &#22c0;Spa8e NK” in Primrose Hill, London right now. Hats off to the people of Totnes for such a great fight. Wish us luck with ours.Spread the word “say no to chains in primrose hill” sign up to our petition! Thanks. Phil
Елена Панькина 2208 days ago
Спасибо за вдохновение! Хороший конкурс и очень жаль, что он закончился.

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