16 of our FC has decided to make a pleasant adventure, and for this we went to Zarinsk day metallurgists and day of the city at the same time, but, of course, not just so, and the concert of Dima Bilan on the occasion of the celebrations)
About 2 hours on the road and here we are in Zarinsk!) We arrived early in the course, because I wanted to walk around the city and take their places near the fence, so that no one in front does not interfere with the review on your favorite artists)
3.5 hours of waiting, during which there was a downpour and heat, replacing each other, and here at 19 o'clock starts the performance of local bands, then Kislov group (the rain - we were soaked), Igor Saruhanov (was cold - were frozen) and finally about 22 hours began the long-awaited performance that in total we waited for about 6.5 hours, but it was worth it! With the release of Dima on stage, immediately disappeared, our fatigue, hunger, cold ... unreal power was not only from the Dima, but also by its delectable dancers! Thanks Bilan and his team area and the nearest houses stood on the ears - songs, dances, squeaks, squeals, cries of "Dima, I love you!" from the crowd, and what happened when Dima jumped off the stage and came close to the people !!! We were standing in front, almost demolished, along with fencing, because zarinchanam wanted to touch Entertainer)) The concert was a breeze and we did not notice how time flew and this incredible concert approached the end of the concert ... yes, but not our story! We still have to give a gift Dima, prepared with love and care about your favorite artists) Health What we did, waiting until Dima will leave)
Thank you for the warm and Dime udelёnnoe attention! Our love for Bilan endless !!! 
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