The trip to Krasnoyarsk FC and concerts in Zarinsk and Novosibirsk
Cities, airplanes, airplanes, rain.
CUT fuzzy pulse ...
Why did I start my report with these well-known words? It's simple! Of course, no planes and trains, buses and cars, rain ... and a rapid pulse. And all of this - the new journey of our CD to the concert favorite artists.
So minigastroli began with a trip to our two participants to the city of Zarinsk Altai Krai. There Dima performed at the bottom of the metallurgist. Doing long journey, they were in the city, and very soon took their places in the front row. Caught rehearsal musicians came under the rain, but wet and happy wait for your favorite artists!
The concert was held in the same breath. Dima and his team were laid, as always, is 100%. Girls broadcasted live through the periscope for us, so that we are the eyes, ears and soul were with them. It was noticeable that Dima, musicians and dancers are very missed concerts 
After watching the fireworks, the girls rushed in a hotel, which, it turns out, Dima stopped and the team. In the lobby of goodies they were able to talk and be photographed with Denis Blagushin, Tonya Sasha Sidorova and Alekhine. All were very happy to see each other 
After that, the girl went to rest and gather in the way to Novosibirsk, and we are still in Krasnoyarsk, were already on their suitcases and getting ready to go to the station ...
Tell me, you hear, ask, tell,
Why do you all this? (from)
Oh, how many times we hear that phrase. Why, why yes, but what for.
For what? And just like that! Just because we love! Just because emotions! Memories that are kept in the mind and heart for a long time. Smiles, mishaps, adventures, meeting, love - that's what makes us Dima Bilan;)
So, station, train, station, heavy rain, and here it is, Novosibirsk.
At the station we were immediately met by our traveler, and we went to the mall, which was Maximilians to freshen up ))))
In general, the SEC went some strange, sleepy, wrinkled people and left beauties and handsome, ready to light)))
They came to the restaurant, we were the first, we decided to have a snack, and after only a short time, we will take up defensive positions near the stage 
Standing for 3-4 hours at the scene before it met with Novosibirsk CD, with friends from Kemerovo, get acquainted with other fans, we called Dima on stage 
And behold, there came the musicians and then Dima! And poneslaaaas !!! 
Firstly, this is the first club-gig for us. Close, unusual, cool, hot ... What other word to choose?) In general, it is impossible!
Dance, they jump like a ball singing (if I may say so) rather shouted all the songs! 
It is missing the "Pairs", "I love you so much." Dima is incredible! Unreal! To give full, as, indeed, and always! He joked, losing Microphone, conducted interactive with the audience! Mahal to the beat of the song all room - it's such a drive, simply unreal!
The words of the song, the voice of Dima, tunes that were flying from instruments musicians - we listened to every moment. Begged again, Bully, deciding that the time still "children" (Dima, thank you !!!), we have barefoot jumping like crazy!)
And now, a little sad notes and already "on the shore of the sky." What?? So fast? But that club concert, he had calculated .. We started on airplanes tradition kayfanuli a favorite word and, in fact, on this and ended the concert)
After we met Ira and Marina from Novosibirsk CD, received from them the presents delicious (thank you, girls !!!)  And they went to the station. Before the train was a matter of minutes. Managed)
Here is a mini tour, kicks and happiness with us happened 
We would like to;)
Dima, we love you very much! True!!! Thank you for the happiness and emotions, for their kindness and attention!
Tonya, Alex Arthur, Dima, Denis, gosh, Jack and Jack, thank you for an incredible return for professionalism, warmth and smiles! ) You are great! We love you very much!!!
But cut fingers, fingers cut thin thread,
And love does not tear. (from)
Your "little crazy" 
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