FC Omsk : Meeting

8 Augusta 2016

This summer- vacation, holiday, and it is very difficult to meet, since many rest in the country, some of the sea. But on August 6, a significant day to Omsk: the city celebrated its 300th anniversary. So we could not miss such a holiday and miss the opportunity to once again meet our friendly and cheerful company. Deciding that we meet arose spontaneously and many already had plans for the day, but still, it was decided to meet. On this day, our friendly company consisted of two people :))), but we're not a bit upset, once it happened, then it must be so. By purchasing holodnenkogo lemonade (ocheen was hot), we went to the waterfront walk and talk, to discuss some of our ideas of the club. Then, as always, launched fireworks. After a loud and bright fireworks went home to rest after such a busy evening. 
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