New FC Peterhof

24 September 2016

Our friends club is still a young and only begins its work. All we've been fond of the creativity of Dima Bilan and finally decided to combine his love together! We met thanks to this extraordinary Artist and wonderful person! Each of us, and we all are big fans of his work. The club is still small, but promising! The plan is grandiose! -) We are a positive, diverse, sometimes a bit crazy! Can suddenly fall in another city or even country, to the concert favorite Artist, knowing exactly what awaits us an unforgettable evening in the company of Dima and his amazing team! We with great pleasure will support Dima - always, everywhere and in everything! And of course to share their creative thoughts and ideas! If you take everything from life,but just keep in mind the pleasant moments and bright ideas, and of course (most important condition) love the creativity Dima Bilan - Welcome to contact us! Always glad to see our club new members! 
The President:
Hello! My name is Svetlana Pianova, and I am 37 years old, I am mother of two wonderful boys and a lovely wife -) With the work of Dima Bilan are familiar since "Bully", but seriously, appreciated, and loved only in 2011), I attended the first concert of Dima. Impressed very much! No other artist should not have caused me such strong emotions. Dima won his charisma, his sincerity, his extraordinary voice! My oldest son took over from my mother a love for the work of Dima. He gladly goes with me to concerts and look forward to new! The idea of becoming an official part of the great family of clubs of Friends came here for a long time and we finally did IT! Yay! Join us, friends! Everyone is welcome! 
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