FC Barnaul: Meeting

4 October 2016

# KDBarnaul
From time to time, among the participants of our FC, there are common interests besides creativity favorite artists) At this time, the two of us united by love to the project Dancing on TNT, show concert that we decided to visit on October 3) Since the concert was the Battle of the seasons, we were lucky enough to see the brightest and most talented participants for all time the existence of the project) After the concert, at the very least, but we still managed to take a picture with one of the dancers, and even with what - the winner of the second season of dance Max Nesterovich)!
Overall we got great pleasure from a review show, not a bit did not regret that decided to go) And since the concert was held in the theater of the drama, which in recent years have speaks Dima, then of course came the nostalgia and so wanted to stage was our favorite Dima Bilan) in the meantime, Stored patience and waiting for Dima in our town) 
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