FC Saint-Petersburg

6 October 2016

September 30th our club friends Dima Bilan in St. Petersburg 10 years old! As the anniversary fell on a Friday, we gather to celebrate it on Saturday. Unfortunately, not all could be, but it is a sufficient number of people to split up into teams and play a variety of games - this crocodile, and various contests of the well-known program "Moscow Nights." On that day, there was a sea of jokes, laughter and merriment :) But we are also not spared vital questions of preparation for the upcoming concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and, of course, vote on all the possible bonuses. And to top it wants to finish the story of our impressions of the members of the CD from the celebration of the anniversary of the club.
Kate: "On Saturday we celebrated the anniversary of our friends of the club)
Unfortunately, not all were able to walk, but we did not lose heart!)
We played songs of Dima guessed, talked a lot)
I came to the club a little less than two years ago. It's nice that the girls took a very warm, and now we have to stick all: know who, where and how. For some, our anniversary was the first meeting, I hope that the girls feel "at ease"!)
We had a great time, I would like to return one day back and re-live it!) "
Alain: "Noted super atmosphere is warm, cheerful, friendly get positive emotions for a hundred years in advance)!.!"
P.S .: in its anniversary, we made a video, in which he tried to accommodate to the maximum in our history for 10 years in pictures) and what we've got, we can look at our channel on YouTube:  youtu.be/p-qeiYInoOU
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