FC Volgograd : "Trolls"

31 October 2016

Happiness lives within each of us ©
Good, colorful animation # Trolls have everyone's taste. Nobody will be indifferent, and from small to large. Music, song, dance and ..... obnimashki🙌🙏💃
We do not stop to admire the talent of our favorite artists! Great voice hit a character-actor: Dima - Tsvetan. Perhaps to some extent they resemble a large and characteristic features. Not for a moment there was no doubt want to hear and listen to the wonderful "native" voice.
Lyric soundtrack appeared sincere and very proniknovennym.A Dance - causes to dance right in hall💃
So never be sad, happy to have everyone, just somewhere to hide and it is necessary to find! And be sure to look cartoon # Trolls! All cinemas prokate🎥🎬
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