The past week has been really important for our Greek FC! 
And that is because a part of our club traveled to Moscow and attended Dima’s Неделимые concert on November 16! 
Here is a brief description of what happened during, before and after the concert, brought to you by the girls who where there.
First of all, it was a little hard for us, the fact that we did not know for sure whether we would be able to attend the concert, but eventually we made it! We cannot believe it! We were preparing ourselves psychologically for the concert for a long time, since our enthusiasm was getting bigger and bigger as time passed by. Each one of us created as many paper airplanes as we could, and we also bought the appropriate clothing for Russia’s weather, so as to make sure that we would not be turned into snowmen! :D 
Of course we had talked with girls from other fan clubs beforehand, and we imagined how the whole experience would be!
At the day of the concert, when we arrived at Crocus, all of the members of the other clubs (and not only) gave us the warmer welcome. 
After all, we are a Bilan-family! The concert was amazing, as well as Dima. He was so out of this world, or, as it was referred during the concert, космический! He really was unbelievable, once more!!! From our part, at the end of the challenge, we shouted “и Греция любит тоже”! 
We hope that Dima listened to us!
We really wish that the concert would never end. After the concert we had a small unfortunate incident with one of our members, and that’s why we did not have the possibility to wait in the back door, together with the other fans and friends of ours, but apart from that, everything else was pure magic! We would like to thank Dima, not only because of the concert, but also for all the amazing experience and  the journeys we make thanks to him!
So, that’s how our girls lived one more of Dima’s amazing concerts! 
Unfortunately not all of us could afford the journey abroad, but we had the best “ambassadors” in the concert! ;) 
We wish that in the near future all the members of our club will be given the chance to see Dima in real life and “in action”! 
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