We have been waiting for this event! 🙌 And now the day has come! 💥🎉 Concert Dima - always a holiday for us!
Thank you for an amazing show! 👏👏👏 It was very grand and big, fabulous, sincere and very sincere! 🔥Vashe execution, emotions, feelings - it's so valuable and touching! We lived them in every song with you! 🙏💖 chic evening! My impressions are the coolest! Just a pity that our first flash mob was a failure, as the saying goes "worst-first", not thought, we the time that the song "Believe" is a bright light and rods simply could not see eeh - (Well, the next time will be corrected -!) 
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Charlesdub 1511 days ago
KarenRaice 1656 days ago

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