That long-awaited day of the big solo concert in Oktyabrsky Concert Hall! All we got there early in order to prepare for a flash mob, to distribute the aircraft, which we have prepared well, very much.
Initially, those of us who have been at the Moscow concert, there was a feeling that will not be the finest technical decorations. But what was our surprise when going to the room, we realized that we were pleasantly surprised! Of course it could not be in Moscow. But! Everything was different, different and not comparable with anything from what we have seen before. Emotions were weight: from wild desire to dance (in the hall of the Concert Hall Oktyabrsky, unfortunately, it is impossible) to the reflection of the eternal ...
Well, I want to say that this concert was somehow in a special warm, Dima was very generous recognition, on the testimony, and, of course, the music. "You know that we are indivisible?", "I love you" - of course, we understand, of course, love no less. St. Petersburg's audience must be earned, and Dima is easily made. Everything was mutually impossibly!
Great show world-class! High-quality live sound, high-tech scenery and a barrage of crazy energy! Thanks to the efforts of Dima, his team and all those who created this show, if we were on another planet and got a boost of energy for the year ahead! Thank you for the holiday! 
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