On the eve of the day we met Dima's birthday club to record video greetings to him. Unfortunately, on the appointed day, we had only six (some guys are sick, and someone did not give off at work), but many one way or another participated in the creation of the idea of our video. Filming took place in the Palace Square - in the heart of our beloved Peter, and we are in this business helped our friends - a great team of guys who filmed us and all the surrounding beauty is not only from ground cameras, but also from the air. Everything went quite quickly and easily, with the exception of weather conditions that hindered us a little bit in some moments, but we have been able to curb the balloons, which shrank in the cold and wind of them constantly carried away in different directions. In general, what happened, we can see the following link: https: //youtu.be/zxYNjbM4g-0 
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