After a three year interval, we had been waiting impatiently for the opening of Russian Film Week in London. An excellent occasion for our club to gather and celebrate with Dima, the British Premier of his long awaited debut on the widescreen. This is not the first year that London has greeted Russia's finest artist with fine sunny weather. Towards evening the Regent Street Christmas lights gave a magical atmosphere. Balloons, flags and the Red Carpet; there was not a free space in the small entrance hall of the historic art-deco cinema but most of all there remains in the memory the smile of our long awaited friend together with some short embraces and cheerful voice affirming "My dear friends".
An accordion playing in the hall, questions to Dima plus the Director and birthday boy Yuri Vasiliev. Beautiful music and by pleasant coincidence it was also the name day of Edward Artemiev. Just before the film there was a one minute mannequin challenge in the cinema hall.
After the film off we went to the Maddox Club. The main mission stood before us; the thread of friendship between lands. The flags of Russia and the United Kingdom flashed. Three beautiful classic songs in Russian, Italian and English. Champagne, smiles, red hearts! and a "Golden Unicorn" for the day of the opening of the festival to the film "Heritage of Love", so deserving of a prize for our combined efforts and for Dima, who managed to include London in his tight schedule? Let’s believe he will visit us more frequently from now on! 
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