FC Nizhny Novgorod: Concert

26 February 2017

Hello from Nizhny Novgorod. As we promised to tell how was the concert with us in Nizhny Novgorod. February 23 turned out to be a holiday, and a lot of guys in our town remained in the evening one) and all because CCH Kremlin was a concert of Dima Bilan. To say that the concert was good to say nothing. Light, sound, all at the Venue. The team of dancers and musicians, many thanks. Dima was in a good mood, and the audience is very well accepted. In general, the concert was a success. Our cd has prepared a gift Dima, unusual bouquet presented during the concert, Dima Bushuyev portrait with his wife, he estimated) After the concert, talked a little bit with the dancers, made photo)
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