GREETINGS TO ALLWEIGHT It's time to tell and share with all of us our emotions about the last concert !!! Now for us it is the warmest, cozy and home concert !!! Emotions are so strong that we have just cooled down and decided to tell everyone everything, because the insane number of people wrote to us, so many pleasant words, we are just touched to tears from your words !!! This time we decided to change everything and make the concert so that everyone felt at ease, despite the small force majeure that happened to us before the concert, we should have expected a enchanting evening, so it was. This time we decided to arrange 4 flash mobs. Let's talk about them: 1. These are our voluminous letters, we can say very voluminous, which consisted of the word "# WEEKS", which we raised during the song, and when Dima turned from his face did not leave a smile, and at the end of the song we connected the heart In the middle of the row. All photos and videos in detail you can see in our profile in the instagram @omsk_kd_dimabilan; 2. Flashlights on the song "Hours" is incredibly beautiful, it was touchingly touching the audience in the lanterns under this song in acoustics. Dima was so happy that everything was clear in his eyes, about how many times he told us that we always do, something special; 3. On the song "Do not be silent" danced together with the guys and thereby supported them and Dima; 4. All famous color and white planes in 1000 pieces and a super large airplane for the chief of our airfield Dima :) We all danced, sang, broke away in full. And of course at one point on the song "Teleport" Dima did not resist and rushed to us to dance, and we are so happy that everything is so warm and good !!!! The new program is simply incredible !!!! Shine!!! Sound!!!! Screen with episodes of Crocus !!! Incredible !!!! We are so happy that this can not be expressed in words, everything can be understood in the eyes !!! And on our happy video moments !! It was absolutely impossible to restrain yourself and not to ask for a "night hooligan", and Dima said: "Well, if you ordered, then we sing!" We taaaak danced, sang that the concert hall was shaking !!! And Dima just blurred in a smile and full of happiness from us and everything happening !!!! Dima missed the concerts very much, the energy was such that he could pull everyone down !! And the most interesting and curious part for everyone is gifts)))) The guys from the team we ordered super delicious vegetarian cakes for the whole team! Pleasant surprises for Tonya our Miss charm !!! For Dima, we ordered a sweater from a very warm, pleasant yarn. Many already asked whose this gift. This is our warm and cozy sweater for Dima. And in the box to the sweater one useful thing for health and a small souvenir. Separately, we want to thank all the team of Dima Bilan for the work done and a great show !!! In particular, who is with us in touch: Tonechka, Alexander, Arthur, Valery are our wonderful dancers; Denis, Zhenya, Gosh, Evgeny are the most rhythmic musicians !!!! And of course our favorite artist Dima, thank you for your talent, love for the audience and for what he does for us !!!!! You are incredibly motivated to create, create and realize !!!! And a special thanks to Dimitri Bushuyev for the positive mood, the transfer of gifts and a small little gift for us :)) THANKS !!!!!! BILAN TEAM THE BEST !!!!!!!! 
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