Hello! :) Here, at last, hands came, thoughts in order to write about our most naive journey to the concerts of the beloved Artist :) Omsk. 03.04
Here for the concert I (Rada), jerked one. So there were circumstances, time, opportunities) A pleasant trip by train at 21 o'clock, and now I'm in a new city for myself. Met with a friend from Kemerovo, wandered, looked, gathered and, we are already in the concert hall. I met with a wonderful CD Omsk :) Guys, you are so warm, active, positive! :) Rasskachali hall, flashmobs have passed on hurray! Was pleased to get acquainted;) Dima, the team ... With the naked eye it was noticeable that the guys missed very much on the stage! The return was 100,000%! :) Kaifanul, danced, yelled, happy! Thank you !! Novosibirsk 04.04.
Here we are already gathered by a mini-team :) We are very bored by Dima and by command. Have not seen since November! They took places, went live) Waiting for the concert is some kind of special awe ... Do you know when butterflies fly in the belly? ... No, what kind of butterflies are there ... Dragons are fire-breathing ..;) And when there is a meeting when in the head Favorite notes and melodies, in the eyes - beautiful, already native, faces ... It's just an explosion! The explosion of emotions ... This is when, without saying a word, you just start screaming and squealing with pleasure! When your legs and arms are racing! When your favorite songs ...
Fortunately there is no limit :) Dima incredible! As always on top! The voice was driving me crazy! The atmosphere bewitched ... By tradition - paper airplanes on "On the shore of the sky", lanterns on the "Clock", dance on Teleport, by the way, Dima started to dance with us :) True, he, of course, was surrounded by a crowd of female fans, so we had to share :) Фоток, the video plainly is not present from a concert. We enjoy the moment. Here and now. We get high and give ourselves completely. Yes, so that then lie for two days, look at the ceiling and just are somewhere in between. Between joy and tears. After all, we are bored. So much love! And we are waiting for new meetings;) We are very much looking forward to Krasnoyarsk! I want to give warm again! Дим, ребятки, мы вас ждем! :) Your # КДКрасноярск # Krasnoyarsk 
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