FC Tula: New Prezident

17 April 2017

Greetings to everyone on the page of the Tula Club of Friends of Dima Bilan!
I am Tatiana Dorokhina. She was born in 1977. It has been in the club since its foundation in February 2014.
When our first president and creator of the club, Christine, took a break, I was elected the new president.
What can I say about myself? I will quote excerpts from one psychological test: he loves accuracy and concreteness in everything. The case puts the above moods; People assess the results of their activities, regardless of their sympathy for them. Has an exclusive sense of responsibility for his relatives and colleagues and becomes for them a support in difficult situations.
In his attitude to Dima went through all the stages, beginning with "another dunce in the TV", finishing "this talented, no, gifted and unique artist, charming, sincere and bright person."
Contact tula@bilanclub.com
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