FC Tula: Meeting

20 April 2017

"For the coolest team in the world nothing is impossible when they are together. But when they turn out to be one of the most beautiful women on the planet...". I'm talking about "fast and furious 8". And what do you think? 
We met this time in the movie. But even watching the film we did not forget about his idol. When was the closeups of the characters, we occasionally exchanged sentences about what that would be on the imax screen, Yes Dima's clips and big plans. 
However, after more than two hours watching the movie we realized that we were hungry and decided to eat. When choosing the right institution won the FRIENDSHIP pizza bar & grill. 
Trapeznaja, we recalled Yana Rudkovskaya with its Breakfast servings. 
We talked about the upcoming Muz-TV voting. And, even though we are not yet in the schedule, we are preparing for the concert. Since I want, in addition to the well-known flash mobs, it was still something different to surprise pleasantly you want. There was another idea, but it's a secret.
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