How we waited for this day! And then it happened! Wait!  Trip to Tartu and Riga, at the concert of Dima, was planned long ago! From our club we went to a small lineup.
Tartu we were met at the April summer weather, the mood was appropriate, because we expected an unforgettable evening! And it is little to say! He was so awesome! Dima gave it one hundred percent, and even more! Gave the audience their love, an extraordinary voice, emotions, positive six months ahead! Lit so that at the end of the concert, the whole hall stood on the ears in the truest sense of the word! 
Riga met us at the gloomy sky and rain, but at heart we still had warm and Sunny!  Because we were in anticipation of a new meeting with Dima, in anticipation of another concert! Riga, which is so fond of Dima did the trick! -)) He was in a good mood! The concert was really cool! Mega! Super Groovy! Just bomber! Remember with great warmth the evening!  Still overwhelmed with emotions! 
Thanks, Dima, for Your work! For the love of the audience that You gave each telecheck in the hall! For Your sincerity! Immensely You love and respect! 
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