April 15 we are a small part of our FC called for plastic and choreographic performance team Jack's Garret "Red bull Inside." I have to say that the two of us have seen this magic act a second time, and three came to the show for the first time. The show flew in one breath. We laughed and grieved, to name a few along with a team of artists this exciting life story of their characters, which are so artfully told without a single word. In gratitude to the team of these great guys we got a box of cupcakes made especially on the occasion of the performance. 
Once Inside we took pictures with the guys and thanked the staff of the Attic of Jack, and of course, separately, Sasha and Tonya, for the emotions that they gave us that night. 
And those of us who were not the first time, and those who visited for the first time on the show, has covered such a storm of emotions that we could not stop discussing our impressions on the way home then. That's so wonderful we spent together that day!) 
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