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✔Nominated for "BEST CONTRACTOR":
The most vociferous,the most spiritual ,the most-most..a PERFORMER! An artist who loves and knows how to surprise the audience from year to year,energize, and share our philosophy!At the same time to produce quality music!DIMA BILAN-NUMBER ONE!!
✔Nominated for "BEST SONG of the 15th ANNIVERSARY":
For many years we were accompanied by a great song!The song,which is absolutely familiar to everybody!The song brings faith in yourself and your capabilities!Thinking that something is impossible! Just remember the line of a song "IMPOSSIBLE is POSSIBLE"! 
✔Nominated for "BEST live SHOW": full house,the applause,the dancing,the energy, the dive into the world of music,new technology,wisdom, mutual contact with the audience.This and much more possible to experience and evaluate only at concerts @bilanofficial #35Неделимые 
✔Nominated for "BEST SONG":
Our ,your, their, her,his heads going on a lot. But if once,then forever this song is "IN YOUR HEAD" !!
✔Nominated for "BEST VIDEO":
Bright picture attracts the attention,the irony,for where you want to go,talented acting(and maybe not a game),penetrating into the mind,leaving a trail of "IN YOUR HEAD"
Ps.Every vote is very important!!Support your favorite artist.
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