Hi all! 19 may we held a long-awaited concert of Dima!!!
The concert was SuperCool, all passed in one breath. Want to listen his songs again and again - endlessly!
We decided to throw 4 flash mob.
1. On the song "mazes" we had the stars. (The last time Dima loved our idea with the stars, true to the song "Dreamers"), this time decided to repeat the SPACE, but under a different song.
2. On the song "Undivided" the whole room lit up in lights. 
On the song "Watch" the audience turned on the flashlights.
3. The song "Night hooligan" across the hall flew 2 huge ball. All the spectators were actively fighting them. Dima beat them too)
4. By tradition, the song "On the shore of the sky" still run airplanes.
The whole concert we danced and sang.
New artist's app!!!! I want to submerge again and that space bomber space!!!
Already again waiting for Dima at us!!! 
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