FC England: Meeting

20 Jun 2017

Restaurant "Winter" in the heart of London welcomed the first meeting of our club this year. It was also the first occasion when at least three of us were able to come together after weeks of Russian cinema, when we supported the premiere of "The Heritageof Love" ("Hero") in London. It was nice to remember that success that helped the movie win the award "Golden unicorn"! The day of the premiere showing of the film Dima was definitely the best! The staff of the restaurant "Winter" was very friendly and they very kindly supplied to us songs - the entire album "Ne Molchi" and a few tracks from Alien 24. Also the chef of the restaurant Alexei Zimin kindly took photos with us. And the kitchen was great! Maybe one day we will meet again there, even remove the whole bar when our ranks increase. The details of the discussions were transferred to those who were not able to come. We had exciting plans for the club and we hope that each of us will be able to attend one of the concerts of Dima this year. But most of all we look forward to the opportunity to welcome him in the United Kingdom. 
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