When our KD heard about the shooting Dima acoustic concert for MTV, we thought it must be something special, and we were not wrong! From the club went to three people. The day before the concert we decided to visit the zoo and then met with the girls from Velikie Luki FC and went together to the concert in advance to be sure to be in the forefront. Always a pleasure to spend time in the warm common interests of the company. We first heard Dima's concert in this format. It was cozy, as was all his, and there was not a single random person. The audience sang literally the whole song in unison with the beloved artist - it was magical! Of course, the song "Ocean" was the "soul" of the concert, so moving it was performed... and by the way Dima sang it twice as well, and "Monsters in your head". Apart from them we heard and loved the song. Thanks to this format of "eye to eye" better feel the music, understand more of the artist become closer. Such moments remain in the memory permanently! 
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Williamvap 245 days ago

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