The trip to Voronezh concert 15.06.17: 
We (namely Layla, Tanya and Anna) arrived in this wonderful city the day before the concert in time to see the city and breathe a little after a day on the train. On arrival we checked in to the hotel, Packed up and went for a walk, agreeing beforehand with Ksenia, President of KD Voronezh, to meet. It was our first meeting and acquaintance in live. I must say that She's a wonderful person, she gave us a few hours of your time, to walk with us to the major tourist places of the city, despite the fact that she had a serious exam the next day, and she had to prepare for it, for which many thanks to her from the guests of the Northern capital😉 We took many pictures of the local sights, and could not resist to take a picture with one of the posters for the concert of Dima, which by the way were in the city very much. Well done to the organisers - very well prepared for the concert!) So the second day, the day of the concert. 
Gathered we are, surprisingly, quite easily, without shouting, where's my nail Polish where's my Curling iron?😂( well we are girls after all). Gathered, we went to the concert hall. There we already met with the other girls from KD Voronezh, and then all crossed together with the guys - dancers: Archie, Valery, Sasha and Tonya. Guys, thank you for everything, you are always very open and helpful☺❤
After meeting with the guys we ran into a concert hall, as the time before was quite a bit, and we all had more time to distribute paper airplanes. And here we are with the girls of Voronezh club quickly gave everything and did not notice as the bell, the third call began a long-awaited all spectators of a concert. The first thing to notice is that in Voronezh is very responsive and warm audience. All dance hall tracks could not sit still, and together with Dima and his team began to dance. Dima has repeatedly confessed his love to the audience and this city. Of course our visit from Peter was not left without attention. At the concert, he was pleasantly surprised to see us. (Continued in comments)
we could not surprise Dima, expanding on the last song "Love me" three-meter banner with the words "we ❤" and a symbol of our city - a divorced Palace bridge and the spire of the Peter and Paul fortress. Of course, for the huge banner we could not see anything😄, but we think we managed to surprise our actor😊
In spite of the various circumstances that must have been, after the concert, we were able to chat with Dima together with a great team of girls from KD Voronezh. Thank you, Dmitry-he for this opportunity, and to our beloved artist for taking us all time is very valuable🙏🏻❤💙💜💛💚
What was that meeting? They joked, sang, joked again and again was singing and even a little sad, well, except that quite a bit😜In General, shared experiences and emotions. Dima called the concert modestly: "it is normal for such a concert." The modesty of people decorate, but then we think of modesty as a talent!))) And here is the phrase "very soon" we parted under a lot of enjoyable impression😊 I Hope I will return to this multifaceted city, and it was so warm in every sense of the city☺ 
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