After an unforgettable trip to Voronezh, we, namely Leila and Tania (Anne, in turn, went to his small Motherland, Mineral Water), went to Moscow. she met us with rain, but the mood we are not spoiled) impressions of the previous concert and thoughts on the upcoming did not allow us to despond;) before the concert, in front of the doors to the hall, all the fans stood and sang along with Dima, located on the other side, his songs, while he was rehearsing. It was this unity!!! Love me bawled all, without exception, so to speak, it was a kind of warm-up before the concert. In the end, she began the concert, which was very unusual and strange, and all so quickly and rapidly began that not all realized that the concert has already started))
And we never cease to wonder how Dima has so much power, despite the fatigue that certainly was after the previous shows and travels from city to city. It lit the whole room.. all danced and sang in unison. Even the dancers couldn't miss it and dance in the pit;)
Half the concert we thought that we have not seen, and we were going to enjoy the music and not to watch,actually, and we could see everything, but when I pulled the neck up, as the scene was to us on the chin)) needless to say, we were waiting for the track "Monsters in your head" as not heard it yet personally live, unlike those guys from our club who was on MTV Unplugged. In the end that song plays, and then Dima noticed us, leaned forward, took the hat Leila, put it on and for some time sang in it, then took it off, very carefully put back to Leila. This moment was very memorable to us, Layla, of course, especially))
the whole concert Dima laid out so that there was a feeling that the hall will break from the intensity of emotions!!!🔥🔥🔥 When it was over, there was a feeling that you played a full concert, this is an unrealistic exchange of energy! After the concert we met up with our beautiful girls from Peter, who a few years living in Moscow, shared with each other impressions of the concert, and of course talked a little bit about this and that)) it was incredibly warm and welcoming meeting ( Julia and Irina, Hello to you!). 
By the way this was our first club concert in Moscow, and they ended our mini #Tordesillas 
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