Very eventful turned out to be we have June:the award, "Muz-TV" to a very warm interview and mini-concert on the "Classmates" ,meanwhile, managed to visit club concert #voltaclub,but it turned out something special,family and hot in every sense of the the circle of friends and acquaintances!
First and foremost,I want to congratulate Dima with another plate of MUZ-TV! A well-deserved victory in the category "Best video"clip,which attracts with its brightness and unusual plot-could not remain unnoticed and are not marked!!
This year we were lucky enough to visit the carpet of the award to support Dima ,so to speak, in a live rhythm fan clubs! It certain emotions,which penetrate intravenously and charge special charge!❤⚡
It was very nice to meet you and to see you live with the fans of Dima who come from other cities and even from London! We tried as possible to show our love to the Artist sincerely from the heart❤
This year, the arena functioned in format 360° !
Mixed feelings have caused a similar concept,but more positive!!The artists performed on two sides ,while the room spun around him,the contact was awarded to each zone! We can say that the experiment was a success! And of course,everyone won a long-awaited duet of Dima with Sergey Lazarev! Everyone was wondering how to combine the voices of the "direct competitors"!
In the end ,they agreed and the song,and voices,and emotions of the Artists! Sorry that the camera is in the main points left on the back burner,or take the wrong angle,so to catch in the TV version all the feelings,will fail!
Nevertheless,we in the audience completely caught the euphoria,which knows performers and track❤
#primeboost #dolgarrog #dimabilan#Bilan
The narration, the concert in Volta began 3 hours before the concert,when, during sound check, fans were singing in unison "Love me" and "Ocean"! Magic and pleasant atmosphere was created,again, from this point on! And now,a few minutes before,the club is filled out completely!All waiting and chanting "Dima,Dima"...And here,surprisingly, "Love me" starts "Indivisible! Dima never ceases to delight and amaze with their talent every time! And how well he finds the approach in the intervals between songs,one feels that everything comes from the heart,at the same time he kicks! Music for 1.5 hours fly away in space, long-lasting energy enters the body!!
#voltaclub #dimabilan #Bilan
We can say that the air on the "Classmates" turned out to be eye-to-eye with the audience! Nice atmosphere,cozy atmosphere, soulful and sensitive Artist presenter-together did a very interesting interview.The audience is not forgotten of course,and therefore held the game during the broadcast! In addition, we were lucky enough to hear a few songs(including the long-awaited and already everyone's favorite "Ocean" ),but there was a time when pure enthusiasm Dima sang the song wrong,and in game sense : either/or...of Course, talking about "Romeo"😍💞 At this moment of execution all on the court stood in silence,with bated breath,I focused on Dima...Magic,absolute magic...
#classmates #dimabilan #Bilan
And so ended our cultural events in the company of Dima in June.But we are sure that there are a lot of events!!Respect,love and appreciate our wonderful Artist 💞
And now we wish you all adequately hot summer and Sunny holidays💞 
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