One of our girls. Namely Leila, this summer went to a wonderful country of Azerbaijan for her personal reasons, and spent time there for a month before the international festival "Heat" in Baku. And what would combine business with pleasure, their business and favorite music went from the mountainous area to the Caspian Sea after traveling some 300 km. I reached the capital of Azerbaijan - Baku.
Leila: "In Baku, I met a wonderful girl named Shabnam, whom I met at a concert in Crocus in Moscow. We walked and talked on various topics, shared impressions from past concerts, and made plans for the upcoming ones. I was not shown much of the city , The place where the Eurovision Song Contest was held in 2012 and impressed by the scale of the "Baku Flame Towers." Then one day we went with her to the festival "Zhara." All the way, we understood that the name was justified by the weather! Waiting for a long wait in several About the hours. And we were let into the hall. We had no luck in the chapel! Everything began here! And it all began! To be honest, the feeling that this other country almost did not arise. Only in those moments when you did not understand something pereodicheski.Pervaya Part of the concert consisted of the musical novelties of the artists who performed. Dima sang "Labyrinths" and a duet with Nikki Jamal "Hold Me." And the second part of the concert consisted of songs by Alla Borisovna Pugacheva. Dima brilliantly performed "I do not renounce love." To say that the hall was in ecstasy is to say nothing! This is an excellent number so much that Alla Barysovna herself singled out exactly it from all the presented ones! What was very joyful to watch. Completely imperceptibly crept the end of this day and the night fell on the Caspian. And in the place with it, a beautiful firework, meaning that the concert part of the festival came to an end. And then all the artists that day sang the last song, Have finished the festival on this day. With pleasant, truly hot impressions, I came to Petersburg and I promise that once again I will escape to this wonderful city of Baku! How Ani Lorak and Emin пе sang. "
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