FC Voronezh: Our summer 2017

8 September 2017

Although it is already autumn - we would like to still sum up some of the results of our summer. 🌞
Of course, the main event was Dima's concert, which took place on June 15th. Since the concert was originally scheduled for March, we prepared for it thoroughly. Of course, we prepared all the beloved flash mob with airplanes, as well as gifts to Dima and his team. We were also pleasantly surprised that girls from the St. Petersburg CD are going to the concert for us. Anya, Tanya and Leila came to our city the day before the concert and I gladly gave them a short tour of Voronezh. On the most important day for us, we all arrived in advance at the City Park Grad, where we managed to communicate with the girls from the St. Petersburg CD, but already full. Girls, we are very glad to have a personal acquaintance, we miss and we always wait for you to visit in full!
In anticipation of the concert, we even managed to get to know and communicate with the guys from the Dima dance group and give them our gifts (mugs with city views for the guys and a personal T-shirt for Tony): Tonya, Sasha, Arthur and Valera are amazing dancers and very nice people, were glad to finally get to know each other. The waiting time quickly flew by and now we were in the hall, where we began preparations for our joint flash drive with planes from St. Petersburg and distributed the aircraft to the whole hall. 2 hours of a terrific concert Dima flew in like an instant. They sounded like our favorite songs, and the songs from the album Do not be silent, which many of us heard for the first time live. On the song On the shore of the sky, as it was agreed, we launched our aircrafts, it turned out to be a very beautiful show, Dima himself and his remarkable team joined the flash mob. After the performance of the song Love me and the end of the concert, we were expected, perhaps, by the most pleasant surprise of the evening, namely the meeting with Dima, where we managed to communicate very sincerely, sing songs;), take pictures, and, of course, give our gift - a name t-shirt Bilan35. We had the most positive emotions from the meeting with our favorite artist, and it was also very pleasant that the next day Dima laid out a photo in the T-shirt we had given (later Tonya laid out this photo, and Arthur thanked us live on his instagram) :) We are glad that we managed to surprise the children and our presents were to their liking. We are looking forward to new concerts of your favorite artist in our city, we will try to surprise you further;)
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