FC England: New President

30 October 2017

  • Local members of the English Friends Club have agreed to the appointment of a new 
    local president - moi! My name is Michael Mindt and I am a retired UK civil servant. I 
    came into the English Friends Club in 2015 at the invitation of Mila Burt, the founding 
    President of the then newly formed club. I have come to appreciate Russian Media 
    whilst studying Russian, my first experience of Russian popular music being that of Alla 
    Pugacheva, a truly remarkable performer. When I visited Russia in 2009, I bought an 
    album of Dima Bilan’s greatest hits and a copy of the album Против правил (Against 
    The Rules). I was quite impressed but what really struck me later on was his 
    performance on the show Призрак оперы (Phantom Of The Opera) in 2011. He is a 
    truly versatile stylist and he continues to successfully branch out into acting and 
    television work, in particular the projects The Voice and The Voice Kids. His growth as 
    an artist can be summed up by the title of his biopic, Хроники. От хулигана до 
    мечтателя (Chronicles. From Hooligan to Dreamer). What is there not to respect about 
    this versatile, energetic, charismatic, talented but at the same time down to earth 
    In addition to supporting the English Friends Club, I also enjoy attending other Russian 
    artists’ concerts in the U.K. and events such as Russian Film Week. As my Russian 
    improves I hope to attend more Russian theatre in the U.K. I am looking forward to 
    making my contribution to the English Friends Club working closely with former local 
    Presidents Natalie Miti and Mila Burt; their experience is invaluable to me as I have 
    never been a fan club member before! I am one of two British born members, the other 
    being Caroline Griffin who is also involved with a local project called Eurostarz, (www.eurostarz.co.uk), which organises annual concerts starring former Eurovision acts (the next one will be on 18 August 2018 at the Water Rats in King’s Cross, (a venue with 
    connections to VI Lenin!). Something which I hope will eventually interest Dima Bilan.
  • The English Friends Club has five members, the two former presidents, Caroline, Natalia 
    Ivanova and myself. I trust we will in time attract new members who appreciate the 
    artistry of Dima Bilan. Meanwhile we are presently a small but friendly and enthusiastic 
    team. We look forward to attending future concerts but most of all we look forw
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