FC Izhevsk: Meeting

20 November 2017

Today our CD met on the eve of the arrival of our beloved space man in Izhevsk.
We all missed Dima very much, by his energy and by the emotions that we experience during his concerts. We have a lot of ideas, invented flash mobs, began to think about gifts for Dima and his team. And, of course, they began to think about congratulating Dima, because he soon had a birthday, and I really want to surprise him and make him happy.
Despite the fact that it's almost 3 months before the concert, we already have a lot of work, and preparation is already in full swing. We consider the days before Dima's arrival in Izhevsk, we are waiting for him very much, because for us it is happiness and joy that our beloved artist comes to us! Hurray! 
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