November we had a tour: first we went to the show "Again 35" in Moscow, and at the end of November for concerts in Veliky Novgorod and Pskov. But first things first...
So, Moscow. On the morning of November 8, our "landing party" landed in the capital, some of us, who arrived in the capital on a single day, went straight to Crocus, and so, at noon they were armed at the turnstiles)) and the rest went first to the hotel , and arrived in Crocus a little later. In total, there were 6 people from our CD. And so, when they opened the doors at the turnstiles, and let the people into the hall, we, of course, were the first to enter the hall. While we were waiting for the start of the launch in the hall, the correspondent of the channel "Music of the First" approached us and took a small interview from us, some of which later entered the story about the concert, which was very nice :)
And that's just during this interview opened the door to the hall, and everyone ran that was strong enough to necessarily be in the front row. And now we are standing first, and it would seem that there is nothing to worry about, but frankly speaking, the excitement for our beloved @bilanofficial and for how everything goes will not leave us for very long. Until the concert began, we gave out the attributes for the flash mobs, which we brought with us, to the people standing side by side. And here is the beginning ... the hall explodes with screams and applause, Dima leaves, sings, leaving the ground directly on the podium stage. The show is on, the emotions are on the limit, but everyone is waiting for when the bracelets that every spectator received in the hall before the concert light up with lights. And in the second part of the concert, on the song Undivided, our bracelets light up on the first chorus, and the room turns into just some incredible picture! The colors change, and the lights just "dance" in time with the music - it was incredibly beautiful! The concert flew by like one breath, but it always seems so, and immediately I want to continue :) After the concert, some of our girls left right back to St. Petersburg, someone spent the next day, and two, Tanya and Anya stayed in Moscow to go to the 10th November at a concert in the restaurant Modus. Well, how we changed tickets after learning about this concert, and the story of our adventures preceding this concert, we omit)) the concert turned out to be very hot in all senses of this word, in restaurants and clubs its atmosphere, it is, of course, different in comparison with the concert venues, but everyone could come off as much as they could despite the format of the concert and the institution. It was very cool !!! Between these concerts we, of course, managed to walk, visit the park Zaryadye, walk through the evening center, taste delicious food in various interesting cafes, make many beautiful photographs, and even accidentally meet the soloist of the group Rammstein, Till Lindemann (yes, without adventures, we really , does not happen).
This was our trip to Moscow for concerts :) 
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