In late November, a company of 5 people (Tanya, Anya, Julia, Nastya, Lena), we went to Veliky Novgorod. On the 29th of November we sat down on the morning swallow, the almost 3-hour road was very cheerful, we joked, laughed, made airplanes, and the whole car already knew at whose concert we were going))) Upon arrival in the city, we left things in the hotel and went for a walk around the territory of the Novgorod Kremlin. When we returned to the hotel, Sveta Tkachenko, the president of KD Velikiye Luki arrived, whom we were very happy to see again in our joint trips to concerts.) We slowly began to gather for the concert, and in the evening we stopped at flowers near the Akron Palace, and then went to the concert. There we met with guys from Veliky Novgorod, with whom flashmobs prepared together, distributed props for them to spectators in the hall and waited for the concert to begin.) At the concert, Dima immediately noticed us, was glad to see, and when we gave flowers, he noted every time that for a long time we know that it was very nice :) Of course, it was not possible to sit on the ground for a long time, and despite the fact that the guards constantly tried to put us on the spot, at some point they still surrendered, after Dima repeatedly said that we continue to dance. The concert turned out to be very warm and atmospheric :) After the end, Tonya and Sasha came out and we talked to them a little, they are always very happy to see the guys and talk to them not only on the concert themes :) After all, we sat a little bit all our big company in the restaurant , then went to the hotel, the time to sleep was not enough, and it was necessary to get up early to go early in the morning to Pskov.
In Pskov, from our CD there were three people, Julia and Nastya returned to St. Petersburg, plus we still had Sveta from Velikiye Luki. And we arrived in Pskov, began their day in the new city as usual: settling in the hotel, walking through the historic center of the city - the Pskov Kremlin, and in the evening traditionally a concert. Before the beginning of the concert we gave out together with Sveta and Ira, who arrived just the same from Velikie Luki, hearts and planes for flash mobs. Very pleased that people willingly took everything from us and wanted to participate in everything, it became immediately clear that there are no superfluous people in the hall, all are great admirers of Dima. All flash mobs were a success, thank you very much to the spectators who supported them! The concert was incendiary, despite the fact that the security in Pskov was even more severe than in Veliky Novgorod)) But at the end of the concert, they still could not curb the crowd of spectators jumping from the seats and dancing uncontrollably in front of the stage :) This was another unforgettable the evening that ended our mini # turdebilans :) Thanks to Dima for these days, for these concerts and for all the amazing emotions that he gave us during these trips! ❤️ 
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