FC Tyumen: Happy Birthday

12 December 2017

On December 9, our Friends Club had a great event !!! 💥TYUMEN Friends Club is 10 years old !!! 💥Yubiley !!) and after all, one can not even believe that it's been such a long time! 🙈 In the distant 2007, when the club was being created, it was probably difficult to imagine such a date! "But we have reached it!" And in fact for this time all became already native and always such kind, warm and family atmosphere reigns at our meetings!) ☺
We are certainly very happy that it so happened that we were joined by our wonderful and unique Artist @ bilanofficial, whom we very much love, respect and always support!) ❤️
Well, do not celebrate the birthday of the club, we just could not 💃💃💃!) 
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