Here are the concerts of our beloved @bilanofficial in # VelikiyNovgorod and # Pskov, where we were lucky to visit some members of our CD @svetylytkachenko @ muzikavomne. Once again we were convinced that # DimaBilan not only makes us happy with our creativity, but also helps to find friends @spbbilanclub Girls you are cool, trips with you always pass on a positive @ nyurochka235 @tanusha_tgaus @correct_bunny.
At the concerts flash albums were prepared, it was very gratifying that people gladly agreed to participate, and many themselves approached and asked for hearts ❤️ and airplanes. ✈️ The concerts as always went to Ur, the contact that Dima established at his concerts is incomparable to anything. does not remain, and under incendiary hits it is impossible to sit still, in a dance everything went from small to large.
# DimaBilan # kwvelikuki # kdspb p.s. Thanks for the help in the organization of flash mobs to our girls @ anastasiiasvetlova24 @ juliasvetlova05 @ tanas_94 @ anna_may_21 
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