FC Peterhof: Meeting

19 December 2017

Urryayaya! Finally, we had another meeting of our club of friends! 🙌 Had a lot of fun in the company of our fervent girls! 💖 We discussed how we will congratulate Dima on his birthday, summed up the results of the past year, remembered all the concerts on which we managed to visit this year, and counted them quite a lot! 🙈 Ponastolgirovali on the warm moments, comforting each other by the fact that there will still be an infinite number of such moments, because the New Year 2018 is ahead! 🎉 New concerts, new flash mobs, new emotions! 💥 A little ran ahead, discussed the upcoming concerts in the suburbs of St. Petersburg, which are waiting with impatience! We were very glad to see each other! 💖 Lulia you, my indivisible girls! 😘😘😘 
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