FC Saint-Petersburg: concert

23 December 2017

On December 2 a big solo concert took place in the Ice Palace of St. Petersburg. I must say that we started training in a few months, because the work was to be considerable. Two weeks before the concert, there was even a small force majeure: the organizers added extra seats to the stalls and we had to additionally make props for flash mobs in the shortest possible time for the required number of seats. Many thanks to all our guys who participated in the preparation for Flashmobs, and special thanks to those who were not at the concert, but who also actively did everything, like those who were at the concert. Together - we are force! Naturally, we all had time together, although some things finished right before leaving the house for a concert 😀
So, the long-awaited day of the concert! We gathered for a few hours near the ice in the pizzeria, sat there for a while, waiting for the "team" from the organizers, that you can already approach and lay out our props in the hall before the start of all the spectators' entrance into the hall. And then we received a call from the organizers, and we were in 5 minutes in the Ice in an empty room, where a technical check was coming. And we practically in complete darkness laid out hearts, hearts, airplanes, large paper hands and leaflets with instructions to flash mobs on chairs. We managed quite quickly, we had a lot and even the organizers provided us with immediate assistance in this, thanks to PMI's huge contribution and assistance in everything 🤗
After the layout of the props, we went for flowers, and returned to the Ice, when the entrance to the hall had already begun. How happy we were that the audience liked our ideas, especially the big paper hands (a long feature of our CD), which the spectators in the pit had to pick up on Derzhi's song. Before the beginning we saw how many people were photographed with their hands, especially the kiddies, with the hearts and planes also photographed, and after the concert we found a lot of posts with these photos and with words of gratitude for our efforts in organizing flash mobs, that we were very pleased ☺️🙏🏻
At one point in the hall, the light went out, and we heard a familiar intro. Well, after that there were all favorite songs, like old ones, and very fresh, like "Girl, do not cry" from the recently released album Egoist. I must say that all the spectators were waiting for the moment when the bracelets that they received at the entrance to the Ice Stadium were turned on, but we, having visited the concert in Crocus, already understood when this will happen, nevertheless on those of us who saw this spectacle earlier, it made no less impression than the first time!
On the "Keep" the fascinating Xenia Sukhinova appeared on the stage, and a full break began, both on stage and in the hall, that even those trying to seat the guards, could not do this until the end of the concert😄
Delete comment bilanclubsofficial We were torn off as best we could to the song of this summer, and not only of summer, because it continues to occupy high positions in the charts. The audience raised our big paper hands, and our cd, of course, along with them, and Dima immediately appreciated our idea, saying Xenia, pointing to our partner: "Look how they did!" The spectators also raised their hearts on "YPLT", shaking their hands in unison; on the song "Ocean", flashlights of smartphones were included in the whole hall, and it was like the cosmic beauty of the starry sky. And in the end, on the song "On the shore of the sky", according to tradition, thousands of our airplanes flew on the first chords towards the stage, and already literally a minute later the whole podium scene was strewn with them. Everyone understood that the concert was coming to an end, but no one had the desire to release the beloved artist from the stage, which Dima immediately understood, and gave us one more performance of the song "Hold." The hall exploded with a long applause and not a standing ovation, and another surprise awaited us - "Love Me", which was not at a concert in Crocus in Moscow, and we did not even expect it from us, but it turned out quite differently, which we are very happy The concert was over, we immediately began to share our emotions and impressions, saw the spectators happy with the concert and flash mobs, that it was a great reward for us, to hear and read such warm reviews☺️
After the concert, we saw each other again in the lobby with the friends of our club - the Makarov family (Dmitry, Oksana and their wonderful children Veronika and Alisa), who shared their impressions of the concert with us, and we, in turn, with our emotions. that Dima met with this family, for which many thanks to Nadezhda and, of course, to Dima himself, who found strength for the meeting and such warm communication with our friends immediately after the end of the big solo concert.
We stayed with Ledovoi for a long time and discussed that evening, and decided to go to the station spontaneously and tell Dima there thank you for the concert, and if possible, which we did not particularly expect, even talk to him) In the end everything happened 
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