FC Nizhniy Novgorod: Voice

15 January 2018

Hello everyone from Nizhny Novgorod! Girls from our CD: Ksyusha, Nadia, Lena, went to the final "Voice". Share impressions with us!)
The night from December 28 to December 29 began under the motto "Dear me and the girls to Moscow, I'll be back the day after tomorrow!" )
It was so unexpected that we were going to go to "Voice 6".
3 girls got into the car and go! The whole night we drove without closing eyes and I was not left feeling that we would not be allowed, as the requirements for the shooting were described very harsh, so I had a suitcase with me, for any case)
Delete the comment bilanclubsofficial At 11.30 we stood at the "Mosfilm" in a crowd of 1001 people) immediately it became clear that we were the only ones who at the event for the first time, we were very lucky, the queue was not long and we quickly got into the hall, and again we were the only ones who experienced delight from what he saw. The first 6 hours we danced and sang, at all enjoyed the moment! All the participants were so touching and alive, they tried very hard, I wanted to applaud without ceasing! Mentors were struck by their soulfulness and humanity, I did not expect such a skeptic. We sang for a break, like the last time!
6 hours passed as a minute and it was time to go on a break, wait for a live broadcast, here came a few hours of hell, but the mood was decisive and here we are at the finals) Yes-yes! Live broadcast, no record, only live sound! All for real! Experienced for each participant, on the other side of the screen do not experience such emotions) I really wanted to vote, but getting the phone is strictly prohibited! strange? So we were indignant! Live! We want to vote! How so! Jan Ge. .. under her performance, tears sprang up, she got into the very heart) and went ... on the participant left behind the scenes, all worthy, very educated, excellent guys)
15 hours on the set flew by unnoticed, the palms were blue, my feet were buzzing, my head was thinking well, that I was not 16 years old, otherwise I would have stayed ...
We are very glad that we got there and saw everything) It's definitely worth going again)
My attitude has changed dramatically, now I see the picture in a different way) 
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