And in a huge world,
Even if it is far from home,
In the darkness of the night and in the light of day
I know your voice will save me ...
Over the past, a year with us there was a lot of things, and even something that was not expected at all. So, the departed 2017 was a year of surprises for us.
Priorities began in late May, when we were on the set of MTV unplugged. It was the first time such an event was held. Where there were no strangers, all their own, the atmosphere was the least fun in every sense. From the heart - to the soul, from the heart - to the heart. Among the first there heard two premieres: "Monsters in your head" and "Ocean". Each song in its own way made an indelible impression. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Dima, by his performance of the song "Ocean," touched all those present to the depths of his soul. Now, we are already looking forward to the premiere of the video for this song.
After only a few days we went to a concert in Eagle. What to say. Dima kayfovat on stage from what he did, putting his whole soul, as always happens. We, as usual, kayfovali in their places and near the stage.
And a few days later they already supported our favorite artist at the Muz-TV Prize, where they also appeared for the first time. Dima received the award for "Best Video" - "In Your Head", and she became Dima's seventeenth. Also we witnessed the premiere of the duet of Dima with S. Lazarev for the song "Forgive me", which was waited with great interest.
June 16, a concert of his favorite artist in the Moscow club Volta. Well, we've been here. A portion of positive energy, heat, if not heat, received. Danced, sang, clapped and, already from an overabundance of emotions, in a fit of expression of delight, all the dance floor stomped. ))) Happy returned home, and waited for Dima already at home.
And waited for as long as 2 days - September 28 and 29! One concert was held in the City Concert Hall, a detailed report from this event already was, and the second concert was a surprise. Dima was invited to perform at the celebration of the 90th anniversary of KB Instrument-Making JSC. On this chilly day, the KB workers warmed themselves up with an exhilarating, we were first warmed by anticipation, and then the performance and charm of our best artist in the world. The entire concert from the crowd, we desperately waved hearts, supporting Dima. And, of course, the squadron of airplanes was very much in the topic, given the occasion and venue of the event.
And on September 30 we also went to Kaluga. And Dima's surprised face when he saw us in the hall. Yes, it's us again))).
Delete the commentbilanclubsofficial "Stood on the ears" together with the whole audience.
The great landing from Tula we landed in Moscow on November 8. They did not arrive, but arrived, but there were thousands of planes that day hovering around the hall of Crocus City Hall. We also became a part of thousands of hearts and bright lights that were part of the show, and everything that was happening on the stage of magic. And the spirit was gripping from what was happening, but what was there ... it was grandiose! An incredible atmosphere of excitement, happiness, euphoria created for us Dima and his team.
After such a show it was necessary, just necessary, at least one more concert to calm down. For us, the final in 2017, was a concert in Tver on November 27. It was gorgeous! Continuous delight! Storm of emotions! Crazy charge of crazy energy! Needless to say, after the concert we did not "let go". All night we sang songs and laughed so much so that in the morning we were quieted by neighbors at the hotel.
So we remember the 2017 concert year.
We express our love, appreciation and admiration
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# evgenysmirnov
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Without you there would be no club. Thanks to you we have the opportunity to listen to good music, watch beautiful shows, get acquainted with new interesting people and share positives. 
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