FC Izhevsk: Meeting

24 February 2018

Yesterday in Izhevsk, a concert of our space man finally took place, and it was a really great day for our city)
We met a couple of hours before the concert to complete some preparations, to plan to the end our idea with luminous hands and of course distribute the need for flash mobs to the audience. The concert itself was fantastic, as always. All the spectators were on the same wavelength with Dima and with us, they reacted with great interest to flash mobs, especially children, and there were a lot of them in the hall.
Dima for 2 hours managed not only to light the hall, but also paid attention to ab
solo to each viewer, the entire concert supported dialogue with the audience, and the hall, of course, reciprocated. The first row (where most of the CD was sitting) was especially distinguished, which every now and then started dancing under the incendiary rhythms of favorite songs, which Dima himself noticed in the first part of the concert, saying that the first row seems to be blown away for all :) But still, the song "Keep" did not leave anyone indifferent and everyone was simply not able to hold back, absolutely everything was dancing. We hope that Dima liked our idea with his hands :) In general, 2 hours of the concert just flashed in one breath, and we, of course, little Dima, and we have already switched on the waiting mode and very much hope that Dima will come to Izhevsk again very soon .
Now let's start thanking you) We want to say a big thank you to the best team: @bilanofficial @musicsado @borisizh @denisblagushin @tonya_sidorova @sasha_zep @arturrazumieiko @ valer0 for this incredible evening, which we think Izhevsk will remember for a long time!
bilanclubsofficialThank you to our beloved artist for his sincerity, love, warmth and energy!
And a special thank you @tonya_sidorova @sasha_zep @ valer0 @arturrazumieiko @denisblagushin for the fact that in spite of the rather cold weather you gave us time, talked with us and arranged a small photosession :) We were very happy to talk with you) You are the best , we love you, thank you! 🖤 ​​# KDIZHEVSK # concert # Bilan # DimaBilan #IzhevSklyuksbiltubilana # indivisible 
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