We reached "Gazi music hall" (the place where the Greek final was going to take place)
many hours before the starting time. We wanted to make sure that we would sit in the very front line, so that our poster would be seen clearly not only inside the hall but through TV trasmission as well!
  After a few hours of waiting, the gates opened and we run into the area.
Fortunately we managed to be exactly in the first line, only behind the VIP places.
We took some photos and waited a little longer for the show to begin.
But we had no idea what time Dima would sing, so we were (once again) a little anxious.
Suddenly, when time was a few minutes before 21:00, Dima appeared on the stage!!!
What an amazing moment! We started screaming and holding the poster as high as we could!
Dima looked towards us smiling and then took his place on the right side of the stage, where he was surrounded by some dancers! A few minutes later, the show started and "Believe" was the first winning song to be sounded!
  Dima appeared and was hit by a bright light, holding hands with Despina Vandi (one of the presenters of the show)!
  When the 3 other songs ended, Dima together with the rest of the ESC winners and the two presenters came in the front of the stage!
  We were screaming during the time Dima was on stage and we were holding the poster high so that everybody could see it!
  Dima appeared again on the stage about half an hour later!
When the presenters introduced him, they said that Dima is the biggest star of Russia and that after his 2nd place in 2006, he returned in Eurovision in 2008!
We were screaming Dima's name during the introduction and holding the poster high! :D
  Then, a video with Demy's introduction about Dima, was also broadcasted!
And finally, the most important moment of the night..
Dima sang! After almost 5 years, we listened to "Believe" live by our Dimka!
It was 7th May 2008 when Dima was again in Greece, and has sung "Believe"  in the studio of "Star channel"!
And now he is back to the country that loves him SO much! 
He sings his winning song so beautifully and his Greek fans are shouting his name and cheer up for him!!!
  These were by far the best 3 minutes in the history of Greek TV!!
  When the performances of the winners had ended, there was a connection with the green room!
Demy was asked what is her opinion about Dima! 
The first thing she said - "I knew Dima had a fan club in Greece, but I hadn't realised his fan club was so big and fanatic!!"
  She said that Believe is a great song with beautiful lyrics and a great meaning for life!
Then she said Dima is an amazing artist, with great voice and that he is a really sweet guy! 
Finally, she said she would like to co-operate with him in the future!
  Dima appeared on stage one last time, before the results of the Greek final were announced!
The 2 presenters took him an interview in the Russian language and Dima answered IN GREEK!!!
There is not a bigger joy than listening to Dima speaking your mother tongue!!!! :D
Dima said "Despina, you are amazing" (talking to the presenter of the show) and then 
"Thanks to my friends in Greece" (at this point we were about to DIE OF HAPPINESS!!!) "I wish you good luck and always be fine"!!!
Furthermore, Dima was asked about his 2 Eurovision participations and about his career steps at the moment!
It was so great!!! :D
  A famous Greek TV presenter who was sitting next to us, took a pic of our poster and uploaded it in his twitter acount writing "Dima Bilan's Greek fan club" below it!!
(He was also refered to our club in his show, the following day!)
  Throughout the transmission of the show, we were shouting Dima's name and we were trying to keep our poster high, so that everyone would notice it! 
  The show came to an end around 11:30, and while we were going out of the music hall, a journalist came towards us and told us to sing "Believe"!!
  Here are the 2 reports in which the reporters state that "Dima Bilan has a big fan club in Greece" and that "many girls had gathered to enjoy only him"!!!!!!!
  The night came to an end, when 3 girls approached us and told us they are Dima's fans too and when we told them that Dima has an official Fan club in Greece, they said they would like to join it! 
We gave them Dima's postcards and they promised to come to our next Fan club's meeting!!!
  So, that's what happened the night of the Greek final!
The following day, there were dozens of reports in all TV channels of Greece (Alpha tv, Star channel, Antena tv) about Dima's performance and about his powerful Fan club in Greece!
  All of the journalists agreed that Dima is an amazing artist and they said how much they like him!
English subtitles will be added to all the videos, for now there's the full list of videos
of the Greek final + the videos of greek tv shows about Dima!:
Dima in the Opening of ESC 2013 Greek final:
ESC Greek final presenters introduce Dima:
Introduction video by Demy, talking about Dima:
Believe, Live @ ESC greek national final 2013:
Dima's interview on the stage of Eurovision:
Greek TV shows about Dima and our club:
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