News Tyumen and the Tyumen region - 30.10.2015

Video dances with Dima Bilan's fan appeared in the social network this Friday, October 30. Footage filmed at the concert of the singer, which was held in the walls of the Tyumen Philharmonic. The performance of Bilan also visited his colleague, Pelagia: the girl sat on the balcony and energetically danced and sang along.

Bilan danced with a fan from Tyumen during his concert

The Lucky girl who managed to dance with Dima Bilan, became tyumenka Maria Butusov. Bilan saw her dancing at the time when he went into the hall. Then invited the girl on stage: here they are already annealed to the full! After that, the singer hugged Tomenko and the girl went back to the gym. According to Maria — she is an ardent fan of the singer. Loves his songs since the release of first album by. And all five of his concerts.

- My car once my friends called Melanosomal even. I was at 5 concerts: 3 in Tyumen 1 Chelyabinsk, 1 in Kaluga. I can say that all his concerts are just gorgeous! Yesterday's concert for me, of course, was special: the audience started almost immediately, though, to get up and dance shy.

The Tyumen fans gave Bilan a case for vinyl handmade

After the concert, the Tyumen club friends (the so-called fan clubs of the singer) gave him a case with the vinyl records inside of manual work.

- We are thoroughly prepared, had a lot of choices of what to give. But in the end decided to treat him (he loves vinyl) - says the girl.

In General, the performance of Bilan in Tyumen was a great success. According to Maria, the singer loaded everyone incredible drive and energy can work wonders.

Dmitry Bilan (stage name Viktor Belan) — popular singer, who in 2008 brought Russia the victory in "Eurovision".

On the eve of the concert in Tyumen took place the flashmob "say something" in support of special children, which was expected Bilan. But the singer at the event didn't come.

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