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18 December 2010

 It is almost 1 year since the Chinese forum founded, and I have been the administrator for over 10 months. So I think it is about time to give you an introduction about Chinese Dimaniacs, and our forum.

I started from myself. I became a Dimaniac when I saw Plushenko dancing “Believe” on the DVD of Eurovision Song Contest Belgrade in the summer of 2008. And I thought the white shirt dude must be great for he had Zhenya by his side. And it was not just me who thought Dima was a wonderful singer. A male friend of mine asked me for more songs of Dima, only Dima, no others singers, after I gave him all the songs of the ESC 2008. He praised highly for his singing, too.

But it was difficult for me to find Dima’s music. His albums have not been brought in China, and there were no pirate CDs. All I can do is to search “Dima Bilan” on the internet. In 2009, I downloaded all the albums and a few clips finally.

Since I was moved by Dima’s music, I tried to find other Chinese fans to share my feelings. But I was shook by some reviews when I visited some Chinese music forum.

The Chinese forum was founded in last December. At first, there were only 4 or 5 fans. As time goes on, we have more fans. Now it is about 150 fans in our forum and group. Among them, less than 1/4 Chinese Dimaniacs knew Dima from Vitas, while the rest of us knew him via other ways, such as TV, radio, internet. Most fans like pop and rock music, too. 2/3 of Chinese fans are boys, while rest of them are girls. Most fans are in high school or college. Maybe because of the language barrier, we love Dima’s English songs more than Russian ones. And the recent albums are more popular than the earlier ones. The song we love most is “Believe” without a doubt, other songs in order are “Between the sky and heaven”, “Changes”, “Never Let You Go”. Though Dima’s CDs have not bought in China, a few of us managed to buy them online.

When 30th, November Dima retweeted the link of the Chinese forum, we were all thrilled. We never thought he would truly see the “Bilan pizza” himself! And in the birthday video, we changed the lyric of “Believe” and sang together. It is about our faith in Dima. Although it is a long and wilding road, we are and we will always be Dimaniacs.

   Chinese Bilan's forum:

   The author of the article is Zhang Xiaotang, President of the Dima Bilan Chinese National  Fan club.


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