Russian clubs:

* Voronezh FC

Veliky Novgorod FC

* Samara FC

Foreign clubs:

* Greek FC

Polish FC

So, our victorious spring!
 This spring, we, first of all, voted on MUZ-TV awards 2013! Result: Dima won the main prize - "Best Performer"! This is his 11th plate - and it's all thanks to us!!!
 Voting Muz-TV - Club leaders:
Moscow FC
Perm FC
Veliky Novgorod FC
Voronezh FC
Samara FC
Saratov FC
Petersburg FC
Volgograd FC
 We didn't only voted, but mad also promotional materials - Dima imspired us just to works of art! As well  we conducted promo actions on streets!

Our promo-banners: 
Our promo-videos:

+ Respects to:

Greek FC: huge and diverse efforts in promoting Dima in Greece
Veliky Novgorod FC: contest Miss FC, running of  FC's TV and radio
Samara FC: blood donation, sponsorship of animal shelter
Perm FC: volunteering at the Paralympic Games
Ulyanovsk FC: art project
Moscow FC: big help to the office: delivering of invitation and hand-made promo-products

And respect to all those who met together and have a good time together this spring!

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IJWTS wow! Why can't I think of thnigs like that? [url=]wixjmipbcuc[/url] [link=]uvohvefsgul[/link]
Р?РјСЏ 2607 days ago
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Р?РјСЏ 2609 days ago
That's an apt answer to an intiersteng question

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