Totals of AUTUMN 2013

17 December 2013


Russian clubs:

* Veliky Novgorod FC

* Voronezh FC

* Samara FC

Foreign clubs:

* Greek FC

* Serbian FC

So it's our fall!
Respects to:
Veliky Novgorod FC: grand Competition "Best Voice of the  Dima Bilan's fans"
Voronezh FC: promo banners - support of Dima's team in "he Voice" Polls, promo of Alien24 project, assisting with the Alien24 official page 
Samara FC action "President for 5 days" 
Greek FC:  active promotion of Bilan in the Greek media
Moscow FC: visiting with gifts of kindergarten;  help in the office in the events preparation 
Support of the autumn Dima's tour:
 spectacular flash mobs on the concerts in Samara, Perm, Rostov, Ulyanovsk;
And all the clubs that have had a warm welcome to Dima, supporting him in concerts and giving him unique gifts!
 Meetings reports:
Saratov FC, Veliky Novgorod FC, Yekaterinburg FC, Ulyanovsk FC, Voronezh FC, Samara FC, Novosibirsk FC, Barnaul FC, Perm FC, Nizhny Novgorod FC, Tyumen FC, Rostov-on-Don FC, Volgograd FC, Arkhangelsk FC, Serbian FC, Greek FC
Thanks to everyone who supports Dima in social networking in his main occupation now - coaching on "The Voice"!  It's especially important for Dima recognition on this serious post!
Good and exciting winter to everyone!
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