Totals of SPRING 2014

17 Jun 2014


Russian clubs:

* Volgograd FC

* Barnaul FC

* Saratov FC

Foreign clubs:

* Greek FC

* Turkish FC


So, it was another winning spring for us and our artist! Thanks to our friendly activities Dima again became "Best singer" by the MUZ TV!
Posters: Vote for Dima Bilan on Muz TV 2014!
Video: Vote for Dima Bilan on Muz TV 2014!
Also let's note -
Greek FC promo actions for  Muz-TV 2014
and all their activities by promotion of Dima in Greece!
Volgograd FC, Saratov FC, Moscow FC MUZ TV posters 
Veliky Novgorod FC: Online FC's TV 
Barnaul FC: greeting veterans on May 9; action - funny announcements; participating in city's flashmob "Altayfest"
Clubs who have been meeting this spring:
 Volgograd FC, Tula FC, Krasnoyarsk FC, Veliky Novgorod FC, Rostov-on-Don FC, Turkish FC, Vladivostok FC, Saratov FC, Samara FC, Moscow FC, Greek FC

Good summer holidays to all!

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