Totals of SPRING 2015

24 Jun 2015


* Volgograd FC
*  Greek FC
Our triumphal spring!
The main purpose of this spring is voting for Dima on Muz-TV awards! Once again, congratulations on all the Dima's awards! This is our merit! Thank you all for your votes!
Respect to:
 - Clubs that organized  for Dima warm and unforgettable welcome in thier citis, gave him interesting gifts and run impressive lash mobs at concerts!
Arkhangelsk FC, Vladivostok FC, Krasnoyarsk FC, Khabarovsk FC, Ivanovo FC, Voronezh FC, Veliky Novgorod FC, Tula FC...
Clubs that have made bright invocatory promo video for voting at the Muz-TV awards 2015:
Volgograd FC
Arkhangelsk FC
Ivanovo FC
Greek FC
Krasnoyarsk FC
Vladivostok FC
Check out videos 
These videos, undoubtedly, contributed to the Dima's victory!
English FC - support Dima's performances on the show "The Eurovision greatest hits" in London
Moscow FC - support for Dima at Ru-TV Awards 2015
Clubs, which organised sincere friendly meetings -
Krasnoyarsk FC
Greece FC
Volgograd FC
Arkhangelsk FC
Ivanovo FC
Moscow FC
Kemerovo FC
Ulyanovsk FC
Vladivostok FC
Khabarovsk FC
Barnaul FC
English FC
Rostov FC
Tula FC
Saratov FC
Velikie Luki FC
Nizhny Novgorod FC
as well as
Moscow FC: video for the Dima Bilan's song "Ulybka angela"
Velikie Luki FC: visit to the shelter of homeless animals
Volgograd FC: Visit and support of animal shelter and promotional video on the voting for  Ru.TV awards!
  Wishes of  unforgettable summer for you all!)
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