Dima Bilan Greek FC
Dima’s Birthday Party!

This year, our Greek FC decided to celebrate Dima’s birthday the old traditional way: with a birthday party! We made a special order of chocolate cake, in which “Happy Birthday, Dima!” was written and we gathered in a café in the center of Athens. There, listening to Dima’s music and waving around colorful balloons, we wished our angel a very happy birthday. We were particularly moved to celebrate this special day together for one more year, and we really enjoyed ourselves by making a flashback to Dima’s past birthdays! We also made video calls to some of our members who couldn't attend the meeting.
All of us can’t help but wish Dima to have every success in his life & career and be always happy, healthy and creative.
Happy Birthday, Dima! We love you! 
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Manszapidly 943 дня назад
установка мойки самообслуживания под ключ цена
ReponMut 944 дня назад
домашняя пицца в москве

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